Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have bluetooth?

It sure does, and connects to all Android and iPhone devices. We also include a 3.5MM jack if for some reason your bluetooth isn't working. Most people control the volume through their phone. 


What if my phone doesn't have bluetooth?

We include a 3.5mm jack so you can plug in a device directly to the speaker if you'd like.


How does the battery work?

The battery is USB powered - it easily plugs into the wall, and lasts for 4+ hours.


How loud is it?

You can hear it clearly for about half a city block :)


Is it waterproof?

The speakers can take on a significant amount of water. We wouldn't recommend completely submerging them under water, but splashes and light to medium amounts of liquid are totally fine. 


What's with the company name?

Hilarious, right? We thought we were super clever coming up with the name. Our moms, not so much.